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Aria Alise is a 15 year old singer, songwriter, and musician who grew up amidst recording sessions held in her father’s music studio in North Hollywood, CA. For the majority of her life, Aria was raised on a bustling corner in a dangerous LA neighborhood. Unable to go outside to play because of the prostitutes, gang-members, drug dealers and homeless population, she retreated to her pink bedroom and wrote “Jesus songs” on her Casio piano. When her parents recognized her gift they began purposely exposing her to vocal training, recording and musical study.


Since Aria was raised to the soundtrack of sirens, shouts, gun-shots and helicopters; the urban sound has unsurprisingly had an influence on her music. Urban life has not only inspired Aria sonically, but it has also done so in a ministerial sense. Over the last few years, Aria has also helped to start, promote and launch an after-school skate park for the neighborhood kids. She helps to run concerts, bible studies and evangelistic outreaches there. Aria regularly performs original songs and leads worship in this environment and has inadvertently built a growing fan base from the youth center kids.  


Aria’s parents are senior pastors and have provided a solid foundation as well as unwavering support to assist her in fulfilling her calling. To this end, Aria recently moved away from traditional schooling in order to pursue her music ministry with greater focus. She is currently enrolled in online courses and in the studio full-time. Ultimately, this has assisted Aria Alise to pursue her purpose, which is to bring the message of purity and holiness to a generation of youth who are lost in popular culture; chasing excess and vanity.